Alcomar opened a few weeks ago in the former El Chile space.  While the restaurant was undergoing its redesign, El Chile remained open until they could transition the restaurant over.  The masterminds behind the restaurant are chefs Alma Alcocer-Thomas of El Alma, and Jeff Martinez from El Chile.

Alcomar | The Hungry Chronicles

Alcomar’s bright, nautically inspired interior

Andrew and I started incorporating Date Night on Wednesday nights, and when Bryan Gonzalez, the Marketing Director for the El Chile Group, asked if we’d like to go by and check it out, we very quickly said yes.

Alcomar | The Hungry Chronicles

The Ximena cocktail

I started off with a Ximena cocktail, a lovely and refreshing cocktail made with cachaça, chipotle piloncillo simple syrup, and lime.  Cachaça is a Brazilian white rum made from sugar cane, and is also known as aguardiente or “fire water”. Piloncillo is an unrefined Mexican sugar that is made from cane sugar made from boiling and evaporating cane juice.  This cocktail is Alcomar’s answer to the classic daiquiri served in a coupe, and it’s delicious.

Alcomar | The Hungry Chronicles

Grilled salmon in achiote

When it came to picking out what we wanted to eat, we had a tough time deciding between several dishes, so we turned to our waiter to pick out some of the must haves.  One of the dishes we ordered was their Grilled Salmon In Achiote, served with caper mignonette, herb salad & radishes. rice, beans & tortillas.  Achiote is used in many latin recipes, it’s a spice made from seeds taken from a shrub that are dried and then ground, with a distinct red color.  When used as a spice, it gives food a peppery, earthy flavor that works beautifully with the salmon.  It’s a light and clean dish, and we really enjoyed it.

Alcomar | The Hungry Chronicles

lobster and goat cheese omelette

Our next dish is one of my favorites (and only served during lunch and brunch), the Lobster Omelette served with poblanos peppers, goat cheese, asparagus, and a side of crispy potatoes. The lobster/goat cheese combination is out of this world, and as you can see, there is a generous helping of lobster with this omelette.

Alcomar | The Hungry Chronicles

Cauliflower “flan”

One of the sides they almost didn’t let us leave without trying is their cauliflower flan.  Even our waiter said he was hesitant to try it when he heard about it (although I loved the idea right away), but we agreed to try it out and absolutely loved it.  A flan is traditionally a custard dessert, so this side had the custard component (primarily cream and egg) but was savory, and the cauliflower added just the perfect subtle flavor and body.  I was really impressed with the creativity and the execution of this “flan”, and will order it every time I go.

Alcomar | The Hungry Chronicles

Te amo cocktail

While we waited for our mind-blowing desserts, they brought out their fabulous Te Amo cocktails made with tito’s vodka, St. Germain (my favorite–it’s an elderflower liqueur) macerated berries, lemon, agave, and mint.  This is another great summer cocktail, the mint gives it a refreshing coolness and the berries, St. Germain, and vodka complement each other really well.

Alcomar | The Hungry Chronicles

dark chocolate tart

This dark chocolate tart dessert just about made my heart stop–in the best way possible.  This dessert is a game changer, and may possibly be my favorite dessert in Austin.  The way I remember it (I was sort of in shock as to how amazing it was), the exterior part was dark chocolate, and the interior may as well have been pure, gooey salted caramel.

Alcomar | The Hungry Chronicles


If you’re not a chocolate fan, I feel sorry for you you’re in luck! They have rice pudding on the menu, a chef’s choice creme brûlée, or these delicious buñuelos–essentially Mexico’s answer to a donut.  Typically dough that is deep-fried, it’s normally dunked in syrup or sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, then topped by chocolate or whipped cream or whatever you want.  These came out freshly made, nice and warm with each bite!

Alcomar is open everyday for lunch and dinner, and for brunch on the weekends.  A special thank you to Bryan and the team who took really great care of us.

I want to note that the meal was comped for us, but as always, all of the opinions are my own.  Have you had a chance to go to Alcomar? What did you think?

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