Last year, kind of on a whim and during a big transition in my life (Andrew and I decided to sell our condo and move downtown and rent an apartment for a year), I decided to chop off my hair into a lob. I loved my new hair cut and felt it was so easy to style, but after a year I kind of missed the long hair that I had.  Luckily for me I was able to partner up with Pepper Pastor, hair guru from New York and new stylist at my favorite salon, Roar to get tape in hair extensions.

I didn’t want to work with just anybody, because we all know how terrible tape in hair extensions can look when not done right (hello Britney and Paris).  After visiting with my colorist Rory, he recommended Pepper and after hearing about her background (her work has been seen in American Vogue, American Salon, Avenue, Flair, Esthetica, Flaunt, Gotham, Inked, Marie Claire, Modern Salon, Modern Bride, Neo2, New York, Magazine, New York Brides, Rave Sq, Seventeen, Shape, The Knot, Vanity Fair, WWD, Zink–just to name a few) I trusted her right away.

My Experience Getting Tape In Hair Extensions | The Hungry Chronicles

before and after

I scheduled a consultation with her to learn about the process and the maintenance process for taking care of the tape in hair extensions, and so that she could take a look at my hair texture and color to make sure she knew how to match it.  I felt comfortable with her right away, and she took the time to answer my questions and to make sure we covered everything.  Her roster of clients includes Betsey Johnson, Brooklyn Decker, Christie Brinkley, Dylan Penn, Poppy Delivigne, Rachel Hilbert, Rachel Zoe, Robin Wright,Whitney Port…and many more–Pepper definitely knows what she’s doing and is trusted by some of Hollywood’s most discerning and high profile celebs. Her specialty is in hair and make up for events, celebrities editorials, and brides, and Pepper was so much fun to work with!

She ended up picking three different hair colors and textures for the tape in hair extensions to match my hair, and I can’t believe how it blends so seamlessly with my natural hair! The maintenance has been really easy, and assuming I take good care of my hair the extensions should last 6-8 weeks on my head.

My Experience Getting Tape In Hair Extensions | The Hungry Chronicles

The three different colors of hair Pepper used with my hair

The process took about 2 hours total to get the tape in hair extensions in, and it took a few days for the hair to come in (I ended up paying for the hair so that I can get them put back in again if I want).  The reason you get them taken out is because your hair ends up growing (duh), and it’s good to give your hair a little bit of a break.  If you end up highlighting or coloring your hair, you’ll probably want to adjust the color of your extensions as well.

Overall I’ve been thrilled with the results, and hardly feel them in my hair.  My hair definitely looks/feels a lot thicker (I have a lot of hair but it’s not thick so that’s been good), and it takes a bit longer to dry and style it but it’s 100% worth it.

Check out this video I shot below, that includes some Q&A with Pepper beforehand, and the entire process of getting the tape in hair extensions put in from start to finish. To get more info on Pepper you can check her website out here, her Instagram account here, and if you want to book any appointments with Pepper you can do so via Style Seat.

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