Here are some of the most common questions I get when it comes to my travel planning services, please feel free to email me at if you have any additional questions or if you’re ready to start planning your next getaway!

Q: What is a Travel Advisor? Is that the same thing as a Travel Agent?

A: Yes and no 🙂 Essentially I am a travel agent in the sense that I provide travel planning services (booking flights, hotels, guides, etc), but different from a “travel agent” because I take a consultative approach (rather than a transactional approach) to the trips that I plan.  While I can book just flights or hotels, where I can add the most value to my clients is when planning an entire trip, from the flights, to the hotels, to transfers, restaurant recommendations, guides and activities, etc–especially when focusing on high end travel. The agency I’m affiliated with has an extensive network of premiere travel partners globally, and I’m able to leverage those relationships to create experiences that would be difficult or time intensive to find on your own. 

Q: In a world of 1000 online resources, what benefits does a Travel Advisor offer?

A: A Travel Advisor can help with the following: 

  • Quickly help you narrow down hotel options specifically based on your wishes, saving you time and stress (and 100s of useless online reviews)
  • Can help you secure insider intel and tips for your destination
  • Can VIP you at no extra cost, so you get potential upgrades, free breakfast, food + beverage or spa credits, etc
  • Can help organize all sightseeing & activities with trusted (and vetted) guides
  • Can get you the best pricing (even when comparing with online travel sites) and promos not available to all on the web!

Q: What’s the difference between working with you and AMEX Fine Hotels & Resorts?

A: The main benefit is the personal/human relationship with the hotel partner. The amenities are similar (upgrade at check-in, food + beverage or spa credit, early check-in/late check-out, complimentary breakfast daily), but if it’s a preferred partner then my clients get prioritized over all bookings at the hotel  made via AMEX Fine Hotels and Resorts or other programs. I also make sure to reconfirm your reservation prior to arrival and make sure my client gets VIP’ed (because you can’t VIP yourself). I always reach out to my contact at the hotel and ask about the upgrade availability for when the client arrives (I doubt AMEX is contacting the hotel to check in on your upgrade). When my clients arrive to the hotel, they are known on arrival as my guest, not by the card that was used to book their stay. I also can help set up transfers/transportation options as a courtesy for a seamless arrival to the hotel.

Q: I have status with Marriott/Bonvoy.  Is there any benefit in booking through you?

A: Absolutely! When booking your stay at any Bonvoy property, I will make sure to include your Bonvoy number so you get points and so that your status comes through. Regardless, I have a personal contact at the hotels that I reach out to to flag your reservation and let them know about your upcoming stay.  In addition to your status/benefits, I’m able to include additional value/benefits in the way of upgrades, complimentary breakfast, hotel credits, and more for hotels that participate in the STARS (The Ritz-Carlton, Ritz-Carlton Reserve, St Regis, The Luxury Collection, Bvlgari, Edition) or Luminous (W, JW Marriott, Autograph Collections, some Westins,) Programs.

Q: What type of clients do you work with?

A: I work with clients from all walks of life! I’ve worked with Grandparents planning a trip for them and their grandchildren, couples going on their honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary, families going on vacation for a couple of weeks, large family reunions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and group retreats. I typically prefer to work with clients who understand the services I offer and value my expertise, and realize that planning an amazing vacation takes a lot of patience and time/resources, which they may not have.

I prefer to work with clients who want to focus on value rather than cost, although I’m often able to save my clients hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but my expertise is not on low budget trips. I will do my best to provide you with the best options given the budget that you give me. Where I can provide tremendous value is with 4 and 5-star hotels, planning complicated itineraries with multiple stops, planning complex airline routings, trips using guides/drivers or local experts, trips to a destination where you do not already know all the best places to eat and best things to see and do, or any cultural travel, from safaris to ancient ruins. Essentially trips where VIP access would make it better 😉

Q: What is the cost when using a Travel Advisor?

A: This will vary depending on the complexity of the trip. Unlike many agencies, The Hungry Chronicles Travel Services offers a clear pricing structure for all Services. After reviewing your initial needs, I will determine the extent of your travel needs and prepare a high level quote to retain my services. This document will outline possible destinations, timelines, and budget, as discussed.* I strive to offer transparent pricing and to demonstrate a value that is hard to beat. 

If you want to book your own flights and hotels using points (or Air Bnb/VRBO) but want me to help flush out the itinerary and help with activities, sightseeing, and restaurant recommendations, I can also help for a small fee. I like taking a consultative approach to trip planning so we cover exactly what YOU want, and all fees/prices are discussed up front before anything is booked and ok’d by you. *Oftentimes I’m able to save clients money on hotel bookings when I’m able to include complimentary breakfast, upgrades, and credits (sometimes airport transfers too). I often times have access to special promotions that cannot be found on the web, such as 3rd, 4th, or 5th night free, special packages, and more.

When it comes to booking flights, we charge a $39 ticketing fee which allows us to monitor the flights booked for any changes that could include schedule changes, delays, or cancellations.  We will jump in and proactively book you or reroute you to try to minimize any disruptions in your travel.  We will also quote the best price for the most direct route.

Q: Why do you charge a planning fee?

A: Like with most professional services (CPAs, Attorneys, Financial Advisors, Architects) the up-front planning fee covers my time and expertise to tailor the trip specifically to your tastes and budget.  As I’m sure you know, planning a great trip does take time and effort, so the planning fee compensates me for the time (and sometimes stress) that I’m able to take off your plate.  Although I do get some great travel benefits by working in this industry, I do invest a lot of my own time and money traveling the world to familiarize myself with destinations, meeting with trusted travel partners, taking the time to vet hotels and meet with hotel managers to strengthen relationships, going to luxury travel conferences, etc. Receiving a planning fee or service fee also lets me know that the client is serious about the trip they’re requesting, and it allows me to give them priority over other requests that have not been confirmed.

Q: How are you paid? Is there a fee, commission?

A: I am compensated a few ways: 

  • trip planning fee 
  • commissions paid by hotels, cruise lines, guides, etc.–these are already built into published rates that you can view online. When you book something online and a travel advisor is not involved, the hotel/cruise line/guide will end up pocketing the commission that would have been paid to the travel advisor.
  • ticketing fees for airfare, and occasional commissions for some flight segments (like overseas flights)

Q: Do you work on trips of all kinds/lengths? Like a local weekend getaway for 2 as well as a blow out group event?

A: Yep! I do it all.  Here are some examples of the trips I am able to book:

  • Special sporting events: professional golf tournaments (Masters, PGA Championship, etc), tennis tournaments (French Open, Wimbledon, etc), horse races (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, etc), Super Bowl, Grand Prix, Olympics, World Cup, etc.
  • Family reunions/multi-gen trips for various family members
  • Getting group blocks for social events like weddings
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties (booking flights, accommodations, activities, etc.)
  • Villa/Home/Apartment rentals via trusted partners with homes that have been vetted and are high quality
  • Booking luxury cruises, ocean cruises, river cruises, canal barges, etc. including private charters/buyouts
  • Chartering yachts and private planes
  • Organizing corporate retreats/corporate incentive trips
  • Honeymoons, anniversary trips, babymoons, special occasion trips
  • Disney vacation packages, tickets, cruises, escorted trips
  • African Safaris
  • Train journeys such as Venice-Simplon Orient Express, Rocky Mountaineer, Belmond Andean Explorer, etc.

Q: How does payment work? Is it a percentage of total amount spent on trip or is it a flat fee:

A: Not sure if the question relates to commissions or trip planning so I’ll answer both.  For trip planning/itinerary building it’s a flat fee discussed up front when we talk about your trip needs/wishes and is based on the complexity of the trip and the amount of time I will be spending on building your itinerary.  Commissions from travel partners to the travel advisor are typically paid after the client travels (even if it is 6 months or a year from now), and are a % of the booking and typically vary within an industry range.  When it comes to payments for travel, I prefer to take your payment and apply it to the travel partner directly (rather than charging you then sending payment to the travel partner), and I will always try to break everything down so you know exactly what you are paying for. Some of my travel partners may not be able to offer a breakdown of prices for travel packages due to contractual obligations with some of their suppliers.

Travel planning fees are due prior to starting to build an itinerary and price things out.

Q: Can you help plan trips for people who require wheelchair accessibility/special needs?

A: Absolutely.  I am able to get my clients booked into accessible rooms and can notify staff of any special needs or requests, and can help hire people to take care of any needs while on the trip.

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