I recently spent the day with Jennifer Fisher of J. Fisher Interiors, she’s been an interior designer for over 13 years, and she was able to give me some pretty valuable interior design tips that I want to share with you. As the principal of her company, she not only offers decoration, interior adjustments and styling consultations to her clients, she also can provide comprehensive interior design services for residential and commercial projects in phases of new and partial construction to full remodels.

Interior Design Tips with Jennifer Fisher | The Hungry Chronicles

The lovely Jennifer Fisher

As someone who considers their knowledge of interior design pretty non-existent, you can imagine I had tons of questions for Jennifer, especially since I’ve been wanting to spruce up our living room for a while now. I love that she likes to source unique pieces that are relevant to her clients and her clients’ lives, and has experience with everything from traditional to more modern decor. In our outing she took me to the Austin Antique Mall (which I didn’t even know existed!), and we spent over an hour looking at really unique vintage pieces and talking about the different ways they could be incorporated into interior design.

Somehow Jennifer is able to “read”  her clients and is able to pinpoint their style, even when they can’t even put their finger on it. She also has been named as one of Austin’s 20 best interior designers for the past 2 years and continues to create unique spaces for many Austin homes and beyond.


Jennifer’s Interior Design Tips


Interior Design Tips with Jennifer Fisher | The Hungry Chronicles

Photo credit: J Fisher Interiors website

Jennifer’s recommendation for timeless design items/ideas: use neutral backgrounds with bold accents. Most of her design aesthetic follows this core principle.  She loves to use marble (my favorite!) as a texture; whether it’s white marble or black marble, it is timeless and adds depth to a design.  This could be done by incorporating marble countertops within a kitchen, or a marble coffee table or side table in a living room.  You could also add marble trays when trying to save money and investing in a larger piece of furniture like a table.
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Jennifer’s tips:
  • Use a simple color palette; start with a neutral base and build with accent colors; too many colors can overwhelm a space
    • Repeat accent colors like copper or turquoise
  • Bold simple patterns like stripes (for example in a rug or on the couch) or Marble are a good base to build on for a design
  • Live plants as accents are a great way to add pops of color and clean the air, you can also incorporate succulents which are easier to maintain

Jennifer’s Favorites

Places to shop for decorative items or design inspo:

The Renner Project: this is probably her favorite place, it’s the most well done with the best quality stuff.  Jennifer is a fan of Kimberly Renner who is the curator and she actually lives there.  Jennifer says that Kimberly has an incredible design eye and a strong construction background.

Round Top Antiques Fair: Jennifer is also a fan of Roundtop and goes several times when they have their fair twice a year. As a tip, she said the last day of each fair is the best day to get deals and negotiate with curators. Her favorite vendors to visit there are Marburger Farm Antique Show, Arbor Antiques, and Excess I and II, just to name a few.

Blu Dot for Modern and Contemporary Furniture.  Jennifer actually used to work here and she gets a lot of inspiration and furniture for her clients here too.

Austin Antique Mall and Uptown Modern are some other favorites as well.

Jennifer’s Favorite Places to Eat

Jennifer switched over to a vegan diet around 4 years ago, and is vegan 95%-98% of the time.  She’ll occasionally eat cheese or butter if she’s eating somewhere where modifications can’t be made, and sometimes will enjoy pizza as well.  Her main concern in becoming vegan was because of the environmental benefits that leading a plant-based diet can offer, mainly minimizing one’s carbon footprint. The following are some of Jennifer’s favorite places to get a good vegan dish.

Interior Design Tips with Jennifer Fisher | The Hungry Chronicles

HopdoddyJennifer is a huge fan of the impossible burger, as am I (it’s a vegan patty that looks like regular beef!).  She likes to keep her Impossible burger at Hopdoddy straightforward, without the sassy sauce and of course with no cheese.  When we went to have lunch after our 75 minute yoga class, I dug into the Primetime Burger (with the Impossible patty), and it was served with brie cheese, arugula, caramelized onions, truffle aioli, steak sauce, and tomato-it’s incredibly delicious.

True Food Kitchen:  At True Food, she loves the Spaghetti Squash Casserole (VEG GF) served with organic tomato, caramelized onion, zucchini, and rather than getting the fresh mozzarella, they have a vegan “ricotta” that they add to the top.

ItalicAt Italic she loves getting a vegan bucatini pasta that is served with veggies and a wonderful light red sauce, they serve a good healthy portion and she absolutely loves it.

La Traviatahere she likes the Fettuccine con Funghi pasta that can be made vegan, it’s served with portobello and crimini mushrooms, spinach, fried artichokes, and truffle oil.

Beer Plantwe talked in depth about their buffalo cauliflower dish, and she also really loves the Big Bend sandwich, made with smoked seitan, red onions, bbq sauce, smoked “cheddar cheese” sauce, grilled whole wheat bun, cabbage slaw, and house-made pickles.

To see Jennifer’s work and to get more info, head on over to her website here. Make sure to also follow her along on Instagram, where she posts her work, inspiration, and day to day life.