East Side King is taking over Austin, one bar at a time.  Last week, I heard from Eater that they’re opening a new food truck at the new Cheer Up Charlie’s on Red River, a food truck that will be serving–wait for it–hot dogs.  Last night, I met up with some friends at Wonderland (coincidentally where the old Cheer Up Charlie’s used to be, on East 6th street). Not coincidentally, East Side King has another food truck set up there, Thai Kun, but this one serves Thai food, and hands down it’s my favorite ESK food in town!

Thai Kun | Hungry Girl Austin

Between the three of us, we each ordered a dish, along with one of their appetizers to see what the food was all about.

Thai Kun | Hungry Girl Austin

Holy cow, is this food delicious!! The Grilled Baguette (middle) is served with a creamy peanut dipping sauce and pickles, and was so delicious that I wanted to take a tub of it home and eat it with everything in sight.  We also had the Grilled Pork Shoulder served with sticky rice, tiger cry sauce and pickled cabbage.  This dish was incredibly spicy (like, thai spicy, not american spicy), and delectable.  The pork was perfectly tender, and the sticky rice was perfect for absorbing the spicy sauce with each dip. We also had the Thai-Kun Fried Chicken (think their chicken karaage), served with chicken fat rice, boom sauce, cold cucumber, and pickled cabbage–another spicy home run.  The last dish pictured was one of their daily specials, and the least spicy of them all.  When they warn you about how spicy the food is, I’d be smart and heed their warning, especially if you’re not a fan of spicy food (or can’t tolerate it). Not to worry, they can put the sauce on the side for you.

Thai Kun | Hungry Girl Austin | Four on the floor draft cocktail

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out one of Wonderland’s many refreshing cocktails on draft, just $5 during happy hour, from 4-7.  I had the Four on the Floor, and it was the perfect complement to the spicy feast that we enjoyed.

To get more info on Wonderland or Thai-kun, make sure to check out their website to get a good idea of their hours.  Let me know if you’ve been to Wonderland or Thai-kun and tell me what you think!

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