The Hungry Chronicles Travel Services will arrange personalized travel experiences inclusive of planning services for all related accommodations, transportation, activities, excursions, and dining.

The Travel Planning fee starts at $300 and can go up based on the complexity of the trip, length of the trip, and number of people traveling.  Prior to planning a trip, the client and I will agree to the planning fee so there aren’t any surprises.




Itinerary building/destination recommendations without hotel/flight bookings
$200 per occurrence. Essentially I’ll provide you with a document full of things to see and do, activities you may enjoy, list of restaurants, self guided activities, how to get around, etc.

Accommodations Research
$100 per occurrence.  I will send you three suggested hotels based on your preferences and budget.  I am happy to waive this fee if you’ve already identified a hotel–in that case it may be best if I book it for you especially if it means extra amenities at no added cost like breakfast, food and beverage or spa credits, upgrades, etc.

Activities, Excursions, Transportation & Transfer bookings
$50 per occurrence.  This is for when you everything planned for your trip already but would like to add some activities, sightseeing, transportation, etc.

$39 per ticket

Frequent Flier Redemption (American Airlines only, or when a PIN or password is not needed)
$50 per ticket

Last Minute Travel
$150 supplement

Passport & Visa Services
$75 per person per country

* Planning fees are non-refundable upon signature of scope of work contract.
** Additional planning fees may apply. Last minute requests are subject to availability.