If you haven’t heard of TUMAHYE’s supper club, it’s because they’ve done a great job of cultivating interest and ticket sales far in advance of their monthly dinners.  I had a chance to attend their most recent supper club, held at Patika with talented guest chefs Maggie McConnell and Nayan Desai from Launderette that put together an amazing Indian meal.

Tumahye Supper Club | The Hungry Chronicles

Tumahye was started by Alan Delgado as a creative outlet for him and a few fellow foodie friends in the food & beverage industry to collaborate and flex their creative muscles.  It evolved into a monthly  supper club that takes place on the last Tuesday of every month.

Each dinner has a different theme, and Alan invites guest chefs to collaborate and curate a menu around the chosen theme.  Past dinners included themes like pasta, vegetables, Mexican, pig head, and Indian, and this coming month’s theme is all about chicken!

Tumahye Supper Club | The Hungry Chronicles

Chefs Alan, Nayan, and Maggie

The dinners usually feature 8-10 courses, and you can opt in for a wine or dinner pairing with your meal.  They ultimately wanted to get back to the root of their passion for food and hospitality, and  share that with friends/family/guests.  Creating a supper club seemed to be able to provide them the opportunity to focus on their creativity and step away from the restaurant structure, and ultimately get people together to enjoy good food and drink and get to know each other.

I was able to meet some great people at this dinner, and we talked about fun and interesting things like our top 3 favorite places where we’ve travelled, top 3 places on our travel bucket list, we nerded out on Game of Thrones and other movies, and overall had a fantastic time.

Tumahye Supper Club | The Hungry Chronicles

First course: Aachar with carrot, mushroom, and garlic

There may still be tickets for this month’s dinner, I suggest you snatch them up soon because they often sell out pretty quickly. Make sure to follow and support them on Instagram as well, as they tend to share some behind the scenes pics on some of the fantastic dishes that they’re working on for the next dinner.

Tumahye Supper Club | The Hungry Chronicles

Second course: Rasam with tomato, paneer, and recado rojo

Tumahye Supper Club | The Hungry Chronicles

Third course: Vada with sweet corn, fermented chili, and mint

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